"To protect those most important to me."

"For whom my world begins and ends with."

Thank you to Ryu for the gorgeous background!

Imperial dossier

| Personnel Information |
Name: Athenais Crescentia
Rank: Optio
Alias: Red Rose
Legion: VIth
Status: Active
| Physical Appearance |
Sex: Female
Race: Viera (Rava)
Build: Toned
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Pink
Height: 6'3
Weight: 206lbs (93kg)
| History |
Date of Birth: N/A
Place of Birth: Golmore, Dalmasca
| Current Assignments |
Assisting in the restoration of Garlemald.
| Notes |
Willingly surrendered herself to Imperial forces long before the fall of the Kingdom of Dalmasca. Since then, she has faithfully served the Empire for several decades. It's thanks to her unyielding devotion that she was made an official citizen of Garlemald after 20+ years of military service.
Former Ranks: Legionarius, Duplicarius
Former Legions Served In: IIth, IVth, XIIth
Nicknames: Spark, Red

Imperial ID

Thank you Firecage for the awesome ID!

"Crescentia, you stood your ground to the very end. Even in the face of impossible odds, standing with and against complete strangers. It is admirable and truly you are a testament of where Khallendra shines." - Augusta van Galvidia


Hailing from the Golmore Jungles in Dalmasca, Athenais left behind everything she knew: her home, family, friends, and most importantly of all, the Green Word, but she was not without her reasons. Being branded a traitor in order to join the ranks of the Empire was a necessary evil. If she was to keep her fellow sisters safe, her loyalty to the Garleans had to be unwavering, so she could prove to them that she and her kind held no animosity against the Empire. So she set out and proved her allegiance. All it took were two long and grueling decades of nonstop military service. From the IVth Legion at the start of her career, to the XIIth Legion later on.As time passed, her initially kind intentions were slowly warped. A red trail of blood followed her every step of the way in Othard, and it sailed across the skies with her to the eastern reaches of Aldenard.To Ala Mhigo.That battlefield was where the carnage was the greatest. Where the bodies were piled the highest. Where the crimson rivers flowed the deepest. This was when she understood her folly. How she was no hero to her people. How she had sacrificed everything from her former life in the jungles in vain. She was simply a killer. A traitor to her own. Then what point was there, in salvaging something that was beyond redemption? Athenais casted herself into the bloodied lake of her own making, and bathed in her erred ways, but rather than be frightened by what she became, she was entertained.Sometime later when the fighting in Ghimlyt Dark was over, the Viera was dispatched to Eorzea once more. Tasked with information gathering, she scoured the lands until she settled for the place where money talked: the city-state of Ul'dah. While there, she gave its residents and any similar outsiders Hell for the sake of her own amusement. Athenais kidnapped. Murdered. Engaged in slave trafficking. The Viera alone could be credited for more than a dozen crimes. This set the people's sights on her, and it led to the redhead being openly attacked whenever she was spotted on the streets. Before long, wanted posters were plastered over every city-state in Aldenard. Athenais was wanted dead or alive, and adventurers saw to that. Twice she was imprisoned. Twice she escaped. But every injury she sustained stuck with her. Stuck with her, until she ran into Khallendra Khaine and the IIth Legion.This was not to be a tale of a classic tragedy, but a tale of how a Viera redeemed a part of herself. How she was helped out of her blood red lake, with a helping hand from the person she idolized most, and how that person achieved what Athenais previously considered unthinkable.

This letter is one of the most valuable items Athenais possesses. The words within and the emotions they stir, invoke a feeling no amount of money could ever replicate. If ever there comes a day, where the redhead the letter speaks of has nothing to her name, she will always have this one safehaven made up of one of her fondest memories.The one match to light a spark.
To make the whole world bright.
Like a bolt of levin from the blue.
But with a lilac-colored hue.
A Rose and a Lavender.
Forever in bloom...
... But the petals to a flower are not indefinite, because eventually they are picked up and swept away on the winds, to drift freely through the air and onto whatever journey awaits next."I am truly grateful for every single memory. None of them will be forgotten. Ever."The efforts in the restoration of Garlemald, a former Empire soon to be Republic, the VIth Legion, Blitzball. The list goes on. So many people and so many adventures have come and gone since those early days. Athenais has walked far and for a long time. She's nowhere near where she first started, but that's what builds character, doesn't it?Those experiences are what make us. They're what shape us. Our decisions do too. The path we take at the crossroads. There are so many directions to go in and through time and effort we can reach goals we initially thought impossible sometimes alone, or in Athenais' case, with a helping hand. She sets her sights now on one man. To protect him, and his family-A village of Viera in Eorzea.Who would've thought.She's found her way back to where she belongs.Home.


Hi! I'm Athenais' player! My timezone is EST and I am generally available from 3PM onwards. I can also be contacted through Discord!This sort of doubles as my OOC page, so if you're interested in writing with me I'll just say a bit about myself! I'm a 21+ writer who loves to write with people that are as passionate about my character as I am about theirs. I enjoy making long-term friends/contacts, and I'm more than happy to run content as well!The following list below are just a few hooks you can use if I don't approach your character first. If there is a hook not mentioned here that you think would be interesting or fun to try, please feel free to send me a whisper!

Bonded - This character is bonded and is impossible to romance. She's happy to make friends though!Package Deal - Athenais refuses to go anywhere or attend anything without her mate. If she is invited to an event, then know that her lover will be with her, too.Imperial - Is your character a Garlean? An Imperial? A part of the Alliance? Athenais joined the Empire when Dalmasca was at its downfall, so perhaps your character and Athenais have crossed paths- or even blades- before?Criminal - While Athenais may have surrendered her life of crime in Eorzea, she won't simply be forgiven- nor forgotten. Does your character seek to exact judgement on Athenais? Revenge?Exile - Like any other Viera, she had to say goodbye to her home, kith, and kin- for one reason or another. She has since come to terms with it all, but memories of what once was will always resurface. Was your character from a nearby village? Maybe a bit of reminiscing is in order, of a life long left behind.Beast - Athenais underwent an experiment later on in her life to grant her the strength to protect those closest to her. A side effect is the need to hunt. She may be found out in the wilderness, her body covered in fur and her claws bloodied with the life essence of her quarry. Perhaps you have the misfortune to encounter her while she's in such a feral state?Secretary - She is a capable secretary who tends to her boss' business whenever she can. If you have dealings with Ravir Njarost, you may speak with her to schedule a meeting, make work related inquiries, or simply pass along useful information.Blitzball Player -
Garlemald Ceruleum Knights and EBC Allstars - Defense (Etheiryan Blitzball League 2023)
Gridania Sea Chocobos - Defense (Menphina Madness 2022)
Limsa Lominsa Storm Sirens - Goalie (Menphina Madness 2021)
Spectator for all minor games (2020)


First Arc

Enemy of the Alliance Arc
(Arc Status: Finished)
[Actions of an Antagonist]
"It's unknown exactly when Athenais arrived in Eorzea, but by analyzing the number of crime reports within a specific timeframe, it was easy to narrow down an approximation of when she may have entered Alliance territory. Below, are some of the files that were documented pertaining to Athenais and the crimes that she committed." - Flames SGT Fuller
First Set of Reports -
Attacked a female Midlander. (1) When that fell through, she tried again by attacking another female. This time, a Xaela. (2) Criminal failed a second time, and retaliated by going after the Xaela's girlfriend instead, a pink-haired Miqo’te, (3) by locating her residence and breaking down her front door. (1) She was unable to kill the girlfriend before her Xaela companion arrived. Athenais sustained an injury to the shins after taking a katana through the leg.
Threatened, and attempted to kill another female Miqo'te, (4) a treasure hunter, after the criminal discovered that she was acting against the Empire.
1, 2, 3, 4.) Attempted murder
1.) Vandalism
Second Set of Reports -
Tracked down a family's abode, and lashed out at a mother and her child. (6, 7) Criminal was apprehended by the mother's lover, and was turned over to the Maelstrom for imprisonment. While en route, the convoy containing Athenais came under attack, and the criminal escaped in the chaos. (1)
A large commotion transpired in Ul'dah, with Athenais at the center of it all. Four bounty hunters failed at detaining the criminal. One was a male Ala Mhigan pugilist, the other a male Miqo'te archer. Not much information on the last two, other than that one was an a Magitek powered machine. The marksman managed to hit his mark, and one of Athenais's legs was pierced by an arrow. Athenais must've recruited outside help, because a group of people stepped out of the crowds and assisted her. In the end, the criminal succeeded in smooth talking her way out of the situation, and escaped (2) to be treated elsewhere outside of Ul'dah.According to reports, Athenais was framed and imprisoned by the very same people that had helped her escape. She would've been turned over to the Alliance, had she not taken a bold initiative to flee while she was left unsupervised. (2)
6, 7.) Attempted murder
1, 2.) Evading capture
1.) Prison escape
Third Set of Reports -
Attempted a daylight kidnapping (1) in Ul'dah, from which Athenais ceded after a crowd threatened her with violence and imprisonment. Rounding up a few of her allies, she ambushed the person that had stood out from the crowd- a tall Roegadyn in Alllagan inspired armor. A fight ensued, which forced the Brass Blades to respond. Before they could succeed in apprehending her, an organization slipped into the commotion through a smokescreen. (3) When the smoke cleared, the redheaded Viera was nowhere to be seen.
1.) Attempted kidnapping
3.) Evading capture
Final Set of Reports -
Lured a Twin Adder Captain outside the gates of Ul'dah and into Thanalan, where she tried knocking the Captain out in a mining tunnel with a shovel. (8) The Captain survived, and it was believed that the high-ranking officer had personally executed Athenais. When the Viera's body was discovered, she was treated and locked behind bars where it was learned that her heart wouldn't be the same as it once was due to a near fatal injury. A raid on the gaol saw to the permanently weakened woman's escape. (1)
8.) Attempted murder
2.) Prison escape
Athenais returned moons later and kicked up trouble in the Quicksands with another day kidnapping. (2) She would've managed it, had she not been stopped by the only two men who cared enough to put an end to her plans. She escaped into central Thanalan with the assistance of Brass Blades that were discovered to have been her own men, in disguise. While Athenais evaded capture, (4) she suffered a stab wound through the torso which forced her to go back into hiding.
2.) Attempted kidnapping
4.) Evading capture
Shot at a runaway child (9) to impress a 'lunatic' female she had been interested in. The child was saved, an and a four way fight broke out on the bridge in central Thanalan. Left in critical condition, Athenais was one of the first to be eliminated from the group fight, when her limp body was tossed over the bridge causing a splash in the river below. How she survived is unknown, but witnesses reported spotting a person standing next to her, that was capable of 'manipulating puppets.' Whether she was able to live through her extensive injuries because of magicks used upon her by this mysterious person, is also unknown. Regardless, Athenais was imprisoned by a bounty hunting Xaela male.
9.) Attempted murder
Four different persons of interest staged seperate attacks on the gaol Athenais was imprisoned in, which was located in western Thanalan. A camp that was overseen by Sultansworn Knight. The four people were:
The 'lunatic' female Miqo'te Athenais had been interested in.
An Imperial soldier.
An assassin.
And a... 'mysterious' person.
Out of the guards protecting the area within and around the prison Athenais was located in, there were no survivors. Only those stationed away from that side of the camp survived the swift, and brutal asymmetric warfare. (3)
3.) Prison Escape
Criminal Record
Murder - Unknown (Approx. more than a dozen.)
Human Trafficking - 9 (!)
Attempted Murder - 9
Evading Capture - 4
Prison Escape - 3
Attempted Kidnapping - 2
Vandalism - 1
!.) Those kidnapped by Athenais often vanished without a trace. It is believed that those not to her liking were shipped to the lands up north, to Garlemald. Those that interested her however, were exempt- of which there were ever only three, according to reports. This is why attempted kidnapping and human trafficking are linked.As an added note, one of those kidnapped was a boy. Blind. According to information gathered from patrons at the Quicksands, where the boy worked, he was captured by Athenais during his break and was never seen, nor heard from, again.

Second Arc

Renewed Arc
(Arc Status: Finished.)
[Criminal Notoriety Cleared]
"All of the information is missing. Where did it all go? I had stacks upon stacks of evidence against that Viera organized right here on this desk. I've searched every ilm of this room, and every bit of proof against her and the crimes she had done... everything's gone! How does one go from being jailed to vanishing into thin air like this? Thinking about it, it's as if she never existed to begin with. For no matter where or who I turn to, it's as if everyone's forgotten... or simply turned a blind eye. Did she serve her sentence? No... that can't be. Her crimes are innumerable and far too heinous to be let free so soon. Wherever she might be I doubt she's changed at all as person, so I'm sure she'll reappear given enough time. Once a criminal always a criminal, after all...
... am I wrong?" - Flames SGT Fuller[Disappearance]
"I'm not sure what's become of my sister. I haven't heard from her in so, so long but that I haven't seen her face on any wanted posters must mean she's well... I can only hope, since she hasn't reached out to me, and our work sees us separated over vast distances. Please, Athenais... please don't be chasing another woman into yet another world of hurt. Take care of yourself, and if you do wind up following someone again, be certain that they are worth it. Love you, sister. By the way! We're worried about you, so please hurry back to us whenever you're ready!" - Vanen Winter
[Reappearance & Introduction to the Brass Blades]
"I welcomed Athenais Crescentia into the ranks of the Brass Blades, so that she might atone for the vile deeds she had done. It is up to her to prove to me, whether or not said deeds are past- or present. Should it be the latter, it 'll be more than enough proof to me, than some people cannot be changed. No matter how much effort is put into bettering their lives. For their sake. By the time I'm finished with Crescentia, everyone will know of how I had a hand in turning a villainess into someone worthy of respect. Even my family won't be able to deny me credit. Unless Crescentia squanders this opportunity to redeem herself in not only my eyes, but those of the people. Of those that choose to forgive her. Should she fail, I'll have no choice but to put her back where she belongs." - Cenhelm Knight
[Diving Into Blitzball!]
"Yeah, I saw Athenais! She was a goalie for the Limsa Lominsa Storm Sirens! It was impossible to miss her with the red hair, pinkish eyes and not to mention all that fur, when she and the rest of her team took their shirts off for a game! I didn't know they allowed beastmen to participate, but that changed when I saw an Amalj'aa and a Kobold on their team alongside this woman who can only be described as a beast of some sort. The Storm Sirens and their ship, the Siren's Song, was led by Captain Khallendra Khaine, with the assistance of crewmates R'abedh Thish, Laguna Lestrange, Finriel Nightborn, Stella Umbra, and Aria Dhare, Guuli Ja Ja and everyone's favorite- Ga Bu! I know everyone on their team, see?! They're the bestest team ever, and I can't wait to see how far they'll go!"

Third Arc

The Queen of Beasts Arc
(Arc Status: Ongoing)
I've gathered- and written- a good deal of papers here. They're a record of my story so far. All that I've done. All that's past.[EAFP-00Α 'GJAFLAUG']
A gunblade that unites both Garlean and Bozjan design. The name of its creator is Ismet Iryut. My bestfriend. The gunblade has two buttons- one to fire, one to detach the blades into two. One of the beauties of the gunblade is that it feeds off of aether to empower its attacks, and with me being a walking levin-aspected generator, enchancing my strikes is as easy as digging into an apple pie.
The documentation goes into better detail than I do, so I'm securing a manual I wrote up using Ismet's input. I can use that to re-confirm certain aspects of the gunblade as necessary as a sort of refresher.[Cetra, Destined to Unmake You]
Many have met their fates here. An unforgiving place I wouldn't willingly bring anyone into. It's only a miracle that despite the ambush we encountered. Despite the blood aboard the train, the psychological warfare, Khallendra, Talon, and I have made it out in one piece. But we're missing one. Dexsius. We'll go back for him. I can promise you that. It's possible Talon may have already retrieved him, though, and I sure hope this is the case. No Man Left Behind.I don't know how to feel about Jenova. What I do know is that things could've turned out differently. Perhaps I've failed you- or perhaps you've failed yourself.I can only pray for the best.[The Rapture and the Void Ark]
A marvel of Garlean technology hidden deep beneath the Rhotano Sea. Khallendra and I intend to assist the people of The Rapture to the best of our abilities, and guide them into a more certain future. Depending on how things turn out, I would like to take advantage of the opportunity.
To travel to The Sea of Stars-
and beyond.
[Ravir and the Azaras, Part 1]
Met this lad wandering around the beach in the Mists during a Blitzball-sponsored event. Fellow looked so lost, but I could've sworn that I've seen him before. As it would turn out, he's got connections to a Far Eastern samurai I met once upon a time. Who would've thought. I'm giving this lad his own chapter in my tale here, because in the short time I've known him he's become as important to me as my bestfriend, Ismet. So for the sake of having it on record, it seems like we met even before the Blitzball event. It was very brief but our paths first crossed in the Quicksands, to my surprise. It wasn't until three moons later that we actually interacted with each other though.
The few triumph over the many, which is why I'm proud to say that my circle of close connections is incredibly small. Ismet and Ravir have secured their places within my life as my eternal companions, and I will forever recognize them as such regardless of what the future may hold. For now I work alongside Ravir as his secretary- fortunately for me he's promised to keep me out of the more dangerous side of his work, meaning I get to sit around and read through his letters. These include bills, personal mail, records of transactions, the list goes on. The work's simple but that's no big deal to me, and since I'm not directly involved with any of his less-than-friendly activities, I don't tread onto a... let's say a similar path I've walked in the past.I only have good things to say about Ravir. He's kind, caring, and shares similar interests. He's easily made his place on my list as one of three people I can trust. He drinks a bit but he's working on his alcoholism, and boy does he like his messes. Don't think I've ever seen a home as messy as this one's!Oh, and by the way, you owe me a lot of favors Ravir, but we can talk about those on a walk!If you think there are pages missing, you would be correct.[Ravir and the Azaras, Part 2]
Ryu Azara is a very keen woman. From the second we were first introduced, I felt as though I was being analyzed and I don't mean to say this in a negative way. It's good to take stock of the individuals you associate with. To decide whether or not they're a person worth keeping around. In this case, perhaps it was to see what sort of company her brother had become interested in.
Ryu has been through a lot, a pain that I am not unfamiliar with. That sort of hurting, the aching in the heart The loss of that guiding light. I'm not going into detail, because I'm not sure how much of her circumstances I should share, here. One thing I will say, is that Ryu is too sweet for her own good, and I won't resist the temptation to hurt anyone who dares take advantage of her, if they ever even get the chance. Ryu can be a workaholic at times, and I sincerely wonder if she knows what the meaning of 'fun' is, sometimes. I had the thought to take her out to a venue or three, a group of us, and get up to silly antics while introducing her to new acquaintances along the way.I've come to quickly trust Ryu, I treat her close, like a sister, the same way my mate does. Ryu's intentions are honest and true, no other person could create a home for Viera the same way she has. Not without a pure heart that only wishes for the best for kin and kith alike. I'd like to get to know her more, though I'm sure with time that will come naturally.In the future, I'm going to need your help, sister Ryu. If you require anything from me, ever, you'll know where to find me, and if you don't your little brother will, I promise you that. So please, find me when you have need of me.I will be there.[Ravir and the Azaras, Part 3]
Time feels like it's stopped for me, because I am frozen in the moment I would like to be in for the rest of my life. Each day I find myself crying, joyful memories given shape in the form of crystallized tears. I'm making a collection of them, for each is a precious gem that I will zealously guard so that none will so much as think of taking them from me.
I love you, Ravir.It's for you that I weep daily from the happiness you've granted me. It's you that I think of when I wake, and it's you that I think of when I drift off into sleep. You accompany me as far as the land of my dreams and lead me to it and back to the waking world. My handsome grey-haired little bunny guide.I'm pregnant.I know I am.The aversion to the smell of foods I once adored. The spinning of the world around me during the mornings, something Ryu has so kindly assisted with through the use of a tonic she made for me. I'm so overjoyed. Finally, to go through the trial of motherhood bearing the kit of the man that I love. There is no greater happiness to be attained, to be with my husband and the family we will make together. I've been on the train for long enough, jumping from one carriage and into the other on countless adventures with the Empire, but this is where I get off to walk alongside my partner.It's time for us to go off on a journey of our own.Together.


[A Simple Smith]
The one and only person this Rava can truthfully refer to as her 'bestfriend,' is a Rava who shares a past not too dissimilar from hers. Ismet. Though the two walked separate paths in the past, in one way or another they're conjoined. At least enough to allow their roads to cross.
This 'simple smith' is the very same woman who crafted the gunblade Athenais now uses.[The Beastmaster]
"Another student, this one with even greater aspirations than the last. I like it. While I'm not exactly well versed when it comes to being a beastmaster, I've heard plenty of the IVth's skilled tamers. I'll impart to you as much knowledge as I possess, while getting you trained up in aetherial manipulation. It's what you came to me to learn, isn't it? Heh."
"Some many moons later and there ain't shit I can teach em anymore. He's learned all that he can from me, only thing I can do now is check in on em every so often to make sure he's holdin' up alright. For me it's kind of a shame, 'cause it means I don't get to pit him up against wild Coeurls, nor do I get to personally try to attack him by gettin' the jump on him. Y'know, to see if I can catch this hunter slackin'. But nah. What I really feel is pride. You've gone far. Farther than the first student I took under my wing. I want you to know that I'm proud of ya. Real damn proud. To add, Kolvias, ya mean a lot to me. You're my only student who 'graduated,' and we've gone on a lot of adventures together by this point. Stick with me, aye?""Hey. Fuck it. I'm adding an addendum to this shit. You know what, Kolvias? I did come up with a lesson plan, and your goofy brown-haired self is comin' with me on this journey I got in mind. Hey, you fuckin' listenin'? Good. 'Cause we're going places." - Athenais[Otherworlder]
Unbeknownst to everyone but one redheaded sentry, an Imperial top-secret item was stolen. While recovering it was a simple task on the surface, Athenais quickly discovered that she was going to get a whole lot more than she bargained for.
Far from home, the redheaded Viera found herself on different worlds- one of which praised her as a Goddess for her aether manipulation. Something the people from the Source, back home, took for granted. Pretending to be something she was not, this redheaded Viera embarked on a journey- but not alone. Together with Athenais, was Caspian- the four-legged beast thief. Kain, the boy she took under her wing, in order to help him in his quest for vengeance, and finally: Maria. An expert swordswoman the redhead knew she could raise to even greater heights given enough time.[Fire and Lightning]
While performing field reconnaissance, Athenais stumbled across a wounded ebony-haired Viera named Shizu. She stopped in order to treat her fellow sister, but little did she know the events that would unfold afterwards. The black-haired Viera, nursed to a better condition, informed Athenais that she had been attacked by assassins.
"If you go off on your own, you'll only be attacked again and if that happens, I won't be able to guarantee your safety. I'll train you. Make you into a fighter that you can be proud of and maybe someday, you'll even surpass me."After imparting these words to the lighter-skinned Viera, who took Athenais up on her offer, the two became instructor and student. Day in and day out, the crimson maned woman taught her how her routine should be every morning. Taught her how to wield her gunblade, taught her how to manipulate aether. Bit by bit, Athenais's student progressed until she had grasped the basic foundations until she was prepared for the next big step."Heh. Keep up this pace, and I'll be the one being taught in the future." - Athenais[The Knight and the Princess]
A studious Au'Ra spent a bit of time with Athenais within a library at SeeD, and in those few moments the redhead learned of something new. The history between Sil'dih and Belah'dia.
Ever since then, the two have set off on explorations that take them to historical sites- and beyond.

Blitzball [SEASON 1]

Limsa Lominsa Storm Sirens

"Athenais here. I was the goalie for the Limsa Lominsa Storm Sirens this Menphina Madness, 'cause I lost a bet against Khallendra Khane. Like I told her after our final game, it was the best bet I'd ever lost and a bet I'd gladly do again just to lose. Anything if it meant being a part of Blitzball all over again."

"One Crew, One Ship!"

"I was a stranger to the Storm Sirens, and I had no prior history of playing Blitzball other than being a spectator during the minor season. Still, I always felt right at home onboard the Siren's Song and in the company of folks that didn't feel like just acquaintances to me. Sure, I could've done more to interact with everybody, but I'm not here to talk about my regrets. I'm here to talk about how nice it was being with you all. From listening to our Captain's, Khallendra's, wonderfully crafted speeches as she guided us forwards, to Finn smiling sweetly at people before decking them in the face- er, sorry that came out wrong. I meant to say Finn's a very sweet gal who offered very delicious treats to all."

"One Ball for All!"

"Our 'shirtless wonder' Laguna who knew just how to stir up the crowd and really get em cheerin' for us. To Stella, who I honestly believe was our team's star- which is fitting ain't it? You really rocked the boat, sister. Then you had Thish who bet on us winning every game, and I appreciated that a lot to know you had so much confidence in us. It wasn't misplaced at all, seeing how far we got, heh.""Ga Bu was definitely our team mascot. The lil fella was the cutest one out there, and I think he just about charmed everyone that laid eyes on him. Fantastic goalie too! Guuli Ja Ja, I know you'll be headin' back to the New World soon, but I just wanted you to know that someday I hope to pay you a visit out there. In a land I've never set eyes on. Hells. I might just like it and decide to stay for longer. I feel like I'd have a lot to learn from a place like Mamook."

"All of the Cannons!"

"Six games we played. Six. We made it all the way to the finals, and although we didn't come in first place, we did make it second. Nobody's got any right to say that we didn't try- because we did. We tried hard and we got far, but most importantly, we crossed that distance together. I'm going to miss seeing you folks, especially now after I've become so used to having you all around- and- no I'm not tearing up. What I'm trying to say is-thank you.Thank you for everything.It's not often I get to be among a group of folks that don't just feel like people I'm with for one second that I know will be gone the next, but like... long time friends. Being a part of the Storm Sirens and coming so far with you all... it's meant a lot to me.I will never forget any of you, or any of this.I promise.Thank you, Khallendra.One Crew. One Ship. One Ball for All."

Blitzball [SEASON 2]

Gridania Sea Chocobos

"What it be, what it do, Athenais Crescentia here with another seasonal review! Aye, this time I wasn't among the Limsa Lominsa Storm Sirens like last season, no, no. Khallendra knows that I'll follow her to the ends of the world, and in this case I landed right amongst this lovely green-feathered team."


"As a team, we stuck together through everything. We got through our... Woodsin cleansing ceremony, and although it was 100% dubious and performed by an extremely questionable Moogle, we survived. As a matter of fact, we didn't just survive- we thrived. We pushed on, and on, and despite losing our first game we took it further, as a team, and we played for longer than I'm sure any one of us thought we would. Actually, maybe I'm the only one who thinks so- that our team was going to be the case of a 'first in, first out.' Well... yeah. I honestly feared this was what our team would become, and I was... upset. I didn't want it all to end before it had the chance to begin."


"Jarra was our star center. This boy brought an energy to the team like I've never seen before. Passionate. Motivated. I wanted to get this kid to the finals- Hell, I wanted to win just because of him. Although I didn't have a huge impact on the boy's time this season, I would've sacrificed whatever I had to just to see the look on his face when we won it all. I wanted him to be the star in his first season of Blitzball.""If only I hadn't let you down.""This might be a small thing to some: 'Oh well, you lost, get over it,' but I don't think I'll be able to live this down. When it mattered most, I didn't pull through on our last game, but I can at least say this with one hundred percent certainty: You will always be a star, Jarra, which is why I dedicated this entire section to you. You never asked for any of this from me- you don't even know that any of this was on my mind, but regardless, I'm sorry, and thank you,""for being our star."

"D-death to Thavnair?"

"The wonderful Rayha'to was our star forward, alongside Khallendra. Rayha'to, you lovely man, you! I'm so sorry to you, too, for giggling to myself at how scared you were of our HQ. I know we were operating out of that creepy manor in Central Shroud with oogy-boogy ghosts, and you always turned pale just from the mention of them! Gods, next time I'll make sure to pull on Endo's ear, so he stops talking about his ghost friends so much!""Psst also, Ray, thank you for serving me those drinks at the Open Heart Hearth! Initially, I advertised something on my social media to the public that went along the lines of: 'About to go flex on these maidenless individuals at the special fight night going on at Open Heart Hearth today. I'll post the video via my tomephone. #NoMoneyNoMaidens' only to later rescind that statement that same night with a: 'bruh I just got my ass beat by @O'looqa and @Ulfa, I'm not posting that shit.' The drinks I was served definitely helped smoothen over my loss... so thank you, Ray! Ah, as a quick note, I heard that Endo made an appearance at the Higuri Regalia's Mythril Showcase. I was only able to show up at the tail-end of the show, but I heard the ensemble he put together was spectacular!""Ah! I've got so much to say but not enough space to say it, so I'll try and make this quick. I apologize in advance for my brevity, as every member of the Gridania Sea Chocobos deserves a heartfelt mention, but there's only so much I can fit onto here! So without further ado: Scorpius. You took care of all of us. If it weren't for you, I think several of our corpses would've ended up in our sponsors oh, WAIT, WAIT, CUT THAT OUT, CUT THA-""There are no Tonberries at the Gold Talon Trading Company. The previous line may or may not have been smeared by Athenais's blood, and this may or may not be a Tonberry currently wrapping up the remainder of this article using the notes that may or may not have been provided by a recently deceased Viera. Ahem. Now then...""Scorpius, you saved your team from an entertaining time at the incredibly safe facilities located at Gold Talon Trading Co. As for the spilled, perfectly normal coffee that was definitely not poisonous or tainted with mind-controlling magicks, there is nothing to worry about. The evidence that it had even spilled at all has since been removed. You are very welcome. We sincerely hope that you have recovered from the illness that was troubling you.""Erith, you livened up the team's presence whether it be in or out of the Blitzphere with your charming Chocobo suit. We also thank you for healing Athenais at the fight night. She very much needed it. May we add, your prowess with chairs is highly unsettling, but we do not judge.""Hathaway, it is not far off for us to say that you singlehandedly saved the team many, many times. From making game winning scores to game saving interceptions, your feathers glistened under the light of the star above and you took flight within the Blitzdome as if it were the sky itself. We salute you. We also wish to note that you participated at the Clumsy Karakul's event alongside Scorpius and other Sea Chocobos that unfortunately, we were not around to jot down the names of.""As a reminder, we would like to reiterate that there are absolutely no Tonberries at Gold Tal-""I think my knee is bleeding. Twelve, all these little knife-wielding critters aim right for the shins- and the knees- don't they? Not like they can reach any higher, but damn, where's Erith?! Screw it, I'll try and finish this up before I bleed out or something. Where was I? Oh, right, Maria, I know that it was last second, but thank you so much for jumping in to lend our team a hand, and for serving and pretty much organizing everything over at your establishment- the Open Heart Hearth. I also know that you had a huge role in coordinating the activities for the Choco Carnival. I wasn't able to attend that one, sadly, but I am still thankful to you and everyone that made the event possible.""I said it once before, and I will say it again: I love you all.""I love the Gridania Sea Chocobos.""In my eyes, all of you are stars, now go forth, and shine like the stars that I know you are.""For an unforgettable journey together, thank you all from the bottom of my heart. My fears of being the first team out were unfounded, for not only did we persevere, we had a banger of a final game towards the very end of the season. We went out in the best way possible, and I couldn't be more proud or happy.""Much love to you all."

"Until next time."


Art done by Suzume
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CREDITS & Checklist

Insignia and character art done by Astaroth (WIP)
Office name suggested by Kalypto
Page art may be commissioned in the future


The world is set in the same universe as the game: Library of Ruina. It takes place sometime after the event called the White Nights and Dark Days. The following details are of an original, non-canonical Office that may (or may not) have existed at the time. Details include who runs the Office, its location, its uniform and colors, and so on.


Neistar Services is a Grade 5 Office located in the Backstreets of District 18, placing it within a private military company's territory: R Corporation.

The Office has no established affiliation, for no Association would match the desired criteria in which the Office was founded upon; the freedom to take action without oversight from a large, professional organization. Which is exactly what the Associations are. This freedom comes with a cost, however, and quite literally at that. Neistar Services is unable to afford top-of-the-line equipment for its Fixers, and tip-toes close to the line of bankruptcy. All it would take to shut Neistar Services down is one big job going horribly wrong.


Plain and simple, to provide a stepping stone for Fixers within District 18 who's desire is to ascend into the heroes the people of the City oftentimes make Fixers out to be. All without strings attached to any one organization. Joining Neistar Services requires zero monetary sacrifices on the part of the Fixer, thanks to its lax dress code and salvaged- sometimes even repurposed- weaponry. By undertaking contracts from clients seeking a 'cheaper' alternative to the more costly well-known Offices, Neistar Services and its Fixers can pave a path forward for the Office, and for themselves, too.


Neistar Services' uniform consists of a white dress shirt, black dress pants, and a purple jacket, hoodie, or coat, with black shoes and an optional black tie. The Operator- or owner- of the Office, 'Ati,' wears a hooded jacket with the Office insignia emblazoned on it. As for armaments, the standard issue is a stun baton that's not unlike those wielded by W Corporation's Clean-Up Crew branch. Any additional equipment isn't bought but salvaged from the Backstreets. The only person in Neistar Services to actively carry more than two weapons is the Operator, who wields three: A sword, a gun, and a stun baton.


Fixers under the employ of Neistar Services fall under Grade 9 through 6, with 9 being the weakest in accordance with the hierarchy designated by the Hana Corporation. Being a small, unaffiliated Office doesn't do Neistar any favors when it comes to bringing in stronger Fixers, and with the likelihood of bankruptcy? Forget about it. The second Neistars' higher-grade Fixers hit it big with an Association, or a Wing for that matter, they're gone. It's the only way to climb any higher in this dangerous line of work, and Ati understands that. It's why Neistar Services was made.The strongest Fixer in Neistar is its Operator, who is a Grade 3. If she cut her losses and disbanded Neistar to join an Association or Wing, she could make a bigger and better name for herself, maybe even go up in Grade, but she refuses to let her Office go. Fixers may always appear and disappear, but those that stick around with her make her existence in the Hellhole that is the Backstreets worth it, even if the cost might one day be her life.The mortality rate for Fixers working under Neistar is quite high. Its location in the Backstreets, and its inability to adequately provide weaponry from high-tier Workshops make this Office prey for low-level thugs like the Rats. There are also rival Offices who want nothing more than to see Neistar wiped out for a variety of reasons. Being a lone, unaffiliated Office is one such reason. Competition is competition, even if said competitor is on the verge of going under. The fate of the weak is to be snuffed out by the strong, such is one of the practices utilized by those in this business.But Neistar Services must survive.
It has to, and it will struggle until the last like a wounded animal, which is what makes this Office a fitting one for District 18.


Ati is the name of the Operator running Neistar Services. She is a dark-skinned woman with a long, red ponytail and pink colored eyes. She normally wears a black hairband while sporting her Offices' uniform. Being a Grade 3 Fixer marks her as a capable opponent.Her only home is her workplace, and her only family are the people she works alongside with. While her responsibilities as the Operator of Neistar usually have her rooted within an office space, she occasionally leaves to accompany her workmates on contracts. It's also not unusual for Ati to go grocery shopping, with a small budget and a list of foodstuffs her employees wish for in hand.Although it's typically taboo to become attached to other Fixers, Ati does exactly that when a Fixer manages to get past her aloof exterior.There's a rumor that Ati has some sort of connection to the Wing that controls District 18, but there's nothing conclusive to go off of.


HP = ???
Stagger = ???
Speed = ???
Dice Slot = ???
Light = ???
Passive Abilities:


Athenais' Stats:
Games Played: 11.5
Passes: 8
Shots: 2
Goals: 1
Interceptions: 7
Blocks: 36
Goals Saved: 4
Goal Shots Taken: 10
Shot Avg: 50%
Save Avg: 40%

Thank you to Firecage for stat tracking!

Blitzball [SEASON 3]


"Another year has come and gone just like that, huh? You already know who it is. Ya girl with the fuzzy butt, Athenais. This time around I played for the Garlemald Ceruleum Knights, under the leadership of Khallendra Khaine. It's a different league, too, this one's called the Etheiryan Blitzball League, or EBL for short. It ain't the same as Menphina Madness, but I'm certain this league will hit a similar peak someday."

"A Knight to Unite!"

"We came out here to represent Garlemald in the best light possible considering the current state of the capital. Members of the senate dropped by to not only observe our matches but to cheer us on. We weren't playing for only ourselves out there. We were playing for the people of Garlemald. To stir a fire within them that not even the cold of northern Ilsabard could extinguish.""The team was made up of the following members who made our exemplary performance possible:""Khallendra Khaine, Right Forward and Team Captain."
"Hathaway Snow, Left Forward."
"Jarra Lightfeather, Midfielder."
"Marcus Pavo, Right Defense."
"Pen Umbra, Goalie."
"Terraza Khaine, Flex."
"Rhal Ragnulf, Flex."
"And finally, myself, as Left Defense."

"D-defend the Rabbit Hole?"

"There are three members you'll recognize- and that's because these three come from the Gridania Sea Chocobos. We've come together once again, Khal, Jarra, and Hath to Blitzball in the Blitzsphere together. The greatest comfort to me is to know that I'm amongst familiar faces. I grew to like those I was unfamiliar with during the time we spent in each other's company. Like that time we took shots together and posed questions to each other. Questions who's purpose was to get us familiarized. To see a part of us that wouldn't have otherwise surfaced. I had a lot of fun, then, even if I had to circle the table a dozen times because y'all were so damn quick to steal a seat!""There was that time where we went out camping in Central Coerthas. A place with a climate not unlike that of the former Imperial capital. It was on this expedition of ours that I got to learn about quo Pavo, a fellow soldier. He and I were the stoic duo of the group, and admittedly he was the person I was most comfortable to be around. Everyone else has an energy I can't quite match, most of the time, and I apologize for that. I didn't mean to be so... distant this season, but it felt normal to me to watch and listen from off to the side. You can't say I didn't participate though. Whenever we had something planned, I showed up on the agreed upon day. Always. I just prefer to see things through, if I can."

"Until we meet again."

"I won't get overly emotional this time like I was those last two seasons. Everything went by in what felt like a flash. Blink and you'll miss it type of deal, and honestly, that's what this season felt like. I shut my eyes, open them, and... it's already over. I feel like there should have been more. Like there was something missing this season that the last two had. I'm not disappointed but it didn't... feel the same. I don't know. Maybe I only have myself to blame for having been as reserved as I was. But if I'm going to be representing the people of Garlemald, then I'd rather do it properly than make a joke of everything, or go saying the wrong things. I guess what I'm trying to say is that this season felt like I was acting out of a sense of duty, than when I was playing purely for the fun of it.""Ah... well, the important thing is that we did a good job out there. We achieved what we set out to do and even earned the approval of the senate for our accomplishment.""To end off on an even better note, three of our team members made it into the EBC Allstars. Khallendra, Jarra, and I. We got to rock a golden version of our uniform, and the best part? We won our match against the ABC players!""Hey, Jarra?""You were a real superstar out there. I went for that first half of the match just to see you, and I'm happy that I did. You kicked ass. Rock that title of yours, star.""You earned it."




allstars CARD

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